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About us

The philosophy behind Nimbus is simple; we want to provide something different. Somewhere for people to come for a vape and stay for a coffee without feeling pressured into buying something or getting out of the shop quickly to make space for another customer to come in and spend money.

We pride ourselves on listening to what the customer wants, or needs, and provide exactly that without push selling. Whether that's someone who wants to spend 4 hours in the shop drinking coffee and doing work on their laptop, or a 40 a day smoker looking for something that will actually help them stop smoking.

The way we have approached this business is with attention to detail. We are neither just a vape shop that has a coffee machine, nor just a coffee lounge that sells E-cigarettes. We have trained professionals who know the vaping industry inside out and if we wouldn't use a device or E-liquid brand ourselves, then you wont find it behind the counter. The same goes for the Coffee Lounge side of the business. All of our staff have been trained by an expert barista to ensure that they can make a consistently good coffee.

Our Fairtrade beans are roasted locally in Shipley and they can be traced right back to the village where they were grown. In some cases even to the farmer who grew them! We also have an extensive selection of loose leaf teas and cold drinks for those who fancy something different.

Whether you are an experienced vaper, a smoker looking to quit, or a lover of loose leaf tea/freshly ground coffee we are open seven days a week and would love to see you in the shop at some point, so call in and say hello.