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Aniseed Liquorice and Pear

Aniseed Liquorice and Pear

  • £18.00

Complex layered flavours from gourmet recipes, in big bottles and a cost saving too - all nicotine free short filled.
Notes:  Aniseed, Liquorice, Pear, Blackcurrant, Apricot
Nicotine free short fill bottles 
Ratio: 70VG | 30PG
The Flavour

 Our very first flavour ever and back due to popular demand, this is big, bold and brash but sweet and fruity - very odd and definitely for those that love a real liquorice flavour. We use a blend of aniseed and star anise, liquorice root and sweet liquorice for a real dark and deep flavour but then brighten it all with a stunning sweet pear, blackcurrant and apricot twist.

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