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  • £10.00

Notes: Custard, Cream, Doughnut, Glaze, Dessert, Bakery
Mix at suggested: 20%
Steeping Time: Best after a fortnight
Ready to Vape: No, this needs to be mixed
Brand: BLND
The perfect synergy of dessert and bakery, we present the custard filled doughnut.
The Flavour

Vanilla custard is remarkably popular and for great reason, as a dessert it is easy to get along with. The light yet mouthwatering vanilla plus creams are an incredible combo to BLND with other flavours and with our rich and flavoursome glazed doughnut even more so. The custard gets you almost instantly and with very little delay the bakery flavours of the fresh doughnut come right in. The glazing on the doughnut adds a touch of sweetness throughout but only enough to keep your tastebuds asking for more.

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