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Digestive Cream Biscuit

Digestive Cream Biscuit

  • £18.00

Complex layered flavours from gourmet recipes, in big bottles and a cost saving too - all nicotine free short filled.

Notes:  Digestive, Biscuit, Cream, Vanilla
Nicotine free short fill bottles 
Ratio: 70VG | 30PG
The perfect balance of bakery and creaminess, two layers of sweet digestive bischuit with a cream layer sandwiched within. Not as over sweet or sickly as custard cream vapes can become.
The Flavour

Straight away you get the unmistakable flavour of a digestive biscuit with it's distinctive wheat and malt flavours coming through, then this sweetens slightly as the sugar cream filling starts to take over with it's own hit of vanilla before blending perfectly in to the biscuit base. 

This is a smooth vape through and through, an easy all day vape that pairs well with tea and coffee and satisfys those who enjoy both dessert and bakery flavours as well as those looking to get away from tobacco.

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