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Pearl Harbour

Pearl Harbour

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Notes: Pineapple, Coconut, Cream, Custard
Mix at suggested: 25%
Steeping Time: Best after a fortnight
Ready to Vape: No, this needs to be mixed
Brand: BLND
Based on the hawaiian dessert, Haupia. Pearl Harbor adds pineapple to the recipe which is a coconut and light custard blend.
The Flavour

Pearl Harbor was our take on a custard back when every juice company was creating exactly the same custard recipe - we wanted something totally unique. In Hawaii there is a pudding known as haupia which is a simple light custard created with coconut milk and shredded coconut, this is often served with different fruit toppings and being hawaiian it was natural to utilise their native pineapple in our juice.

The end result is a familiar but subtle custard in the background with coconut smoothness running throughout yet avoiding the sickly taste you quite often find. We also made sure that there was no 'essence of sun tan lotion' when selecting the coconut. Finally the sharp citrus of the pineapple sits on top and adds another dimension to what you expect from a custard.

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