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Notes: Lemon, Cream, Cheesecake, Biscuit
Mix at suggested: 20%
Steeping Time:  Fine after 24 hours, cheesecake and biscuit develop after 7-10 days
Ready to Vape: No, this needs to be mixed
Brand: BLND
Accurate lemon, blended into a rich and creamy cheesecake filing on top of a delicious biscuit base
The Flavour

TangCake is the first of our cheesecake flavourings and uses one of the most popular flavours for ADV - lemon! You get the bite and tang of the citrus lemon straight away before it softens into a rich and creamy vanilla cheesecake filling. No cheesecake is right without the biscuit base and we find a lot of flavours seems to miss this out, the biscuit is supposed to be prominent and yet balanced so getting it in the right measure was exceedingly important to us. 

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